The Small Cyclades consist of a complex of islands (Koufonisia, Schoinousa, Irakleia and Donousa). The ship Express Skopelitis connects these islands with Naxos and Amorgos.

Koufonisia: A heaven on Earth!

Koufonisia consist of two islets, Ano and Kato Koufonisi, divided by a narrow strait.

Virgin beaches, blue waters, natural beauty. Heaven is found surely somewhere in Koufonisia. These islands are the epitome of carefreeness and relaxation. Those who choose them for their holiday will realise that you only need your good mood to have fun. No one cares about time there. Time goes by easily, quietly and pleasantly.

The picturesque village of Chora – the only one of the island – is situated exactly over the small port. It is a model of Cycladic architecture. A stroll through the whitewashed alleyways is really worth a try. The beaches of Ano Koufonisi are spectacular. The waters are crystal blue and relatively shallow. The beach Pori is said to be the most beautiful, while the beaches Charokopou and Platia Pounta are the most popular ones. Pori is a sandy beach and is believed to be the most beautiful of all. The caves of Xilompatis, Gala and “The devil’s eye” are very close and worth an exploration.

Most visitors gather usually at the Platia Pounta beach. Locals call it “the Italian”, and so learn visitors to call it. The beach Charokopou is also popular. However, most tourists call it “Foinikas”, by the local business situated there. The waters of this beach, too, are wonderful!

Koufonisia are ideal for those who seek an escape from the usual. It is true that they attract tourists from the entire world in the recent years. But Koufonisia have managed to preserve their uniqueness, in spite of the many visitors they welcome in the summer!

Irakleia: The ultimate refuge!

Irakleia is found among Ios, Naxos and Koufonisia! It is the westernmost inhabited island of the Small Cyclades complex. Its visitors can enjoy its crystal clear waters, its rich seabed, total tranquility and of course relaxation.

It has 151 inhabitants and consists of two villages, Panagia or Chora and Agios Georgios. It has ten beaches, but only three are accessible by car. Livadi is considered the best. It is a long, sandy beach with view to the islet Venetiko and Schoinousa.

The beach Agios Georgios is considered to be more easily accessible. The waters have a wonderful blue-green color, ideal for underwater exploration.

Tourkopigado is a pebble beach. But to reach it, one has to walk for about half an hour from Panagia.

For the lovers of diving, there is Alimia. Under its salty waters, one can find a German airplane which was downed in World War II.

Carefreeness and unconcern in Irakleia! In other words, holidays!

Schoinousa: When beauty meets tranquility!

A quiet place with unique virgin beauty. These are the words which can characterize this island. It is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades complex and is really close to Naxos.

Its port Mersini is considered one of the best refuges of small boats in the entire Aegean Sea.

The villages of Schoinousa are two, Chora and Messaria. Chora, built on a hill, is only at one kilometer’s distance from the port of the island. The second village of the island, Messaria, is a bit further, 2,5 km from Chora. All houses of the permanent inhabitants are built according to the Cycladic architecture.

The natural beauty of Schoinousa differentiates it from the other islands of the Small Cyclades. It has 18 beaches in total, most of them connected by dirt roads.

Tsigkouri is the most popular beach of the island. It is sandy and there are many shaded trees, making it ideal for families.

Livadi, Tholari, Lioliou, Bazaiou, Pori, Almyros, Psili Ammos, Fykio, Gerolimionas, are some of the – merely untouched by man – beaches, which are worth your visit!

Donousa: Those who get to know it, fall in love with it!

Donousa, along with Amorgos, are the easternmost islands of Cyclades. It is located in the east of Naxos and in the north of Amorgos. Its surface is just 13 square kilometers. A small island, but with particular beauty.

Its name changed many times over the years. It was called Donousa (accentuated in the “u”), Donousa (accentuated in the “o”) or Denousa.

Its permanent inhabitants are few, no more than 170. Its biggest village and port of the island is Stavros. It is a scenic village with white houses and pure Cycladic identity which fascinates every tourist. This small village was named Stavros (Greek word for Cross), due to the church of the Holy Cross, in the eastern side of the village. Historically, the first inhabitants of the village, who built the homonymous church, came from Amorgos. The other villages, Mersini, Charavgi and Kalotaritissa, are also very picturesque.

Livadi must be the most beautiful beach of the island. But, to dive into its blue waters, one must walk half an hour! It’s really worth it!

Blue waters, white sand and cedars for shade are the scenery of Kedros beach. It is a popular choice for camping.

Don’t forget to visit Fokiospilia. It is an underwater cave, where you must dive!

Not many people know Donousa and also not many decide to visit is. But those who get to know it, finally fall in love with it!